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It's time for cocktails! 

We love a good cocktail. Tap it, batch it, shake it, stir it – just don’t keep me waiting. We’ll pour you a taste of any of our artisan spirits, or mix it into a drink to match your fancy. A great dining experience, or a casual night out, is bound to include a couple cocktails.
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10 fun facts on the history of Cocktails

Cheers tot he new golden era of the cocktail but let’s not forget those who over history have tried to put a lid on flavour, fun and the freedom of spirits.

  1. The first cocktail party was held for 50 guests in St. Louis in 1917. The house still stands today.. as the residence of the Archbishop.
  2. While prohibition resulted in a decline in cocktails it also resulted in a dramatic increase in crime as money flowed tot he bad guys. Crime rose as high as 500% in some countries.
  3. Calling an illegal cocktailbar a “speakeasy”came from a lady barkeep who would warn the customers to speak easy or silent whenever it became to loud to attract the police.
  4. A greater crime was what it did to the cocktail, once liquor became illegal, rum runners watered down their blends.
  5. At the same time, gin and vodka replaced rum and whisky as cocktail ingredients, because they were easier to make illegally.
  6. Churchill called the prohibition “an affront tot he whole history of mankind”.
  7. The boomer’s drug revolution further delayed the return of the quality cocktail.
  8. By 1980, rum surpassed vodka as an ingredient for cocktails fort he first time.
  9. Traditional cocktails really started to come back in the 2000s as top mixologists took the profession to new heights of creativity.
  10. Today, alcohol is still banned in 10 countries, but that won’t hold us back in enjoying a tasty cocktail.
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